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Clipper Haircut 

A simple clipper cut with little to no scissor work.

$25.00 - $35.00+

Medium Length Haircut 

For shoulder-length and beyond style cuts (ex. long bob to long layers).

$60.00 - $80.00+

Short Detailed Haircut 

A cut using clippers or scissor over comb on short hair, with scissor/texture work on top.

$35.00 - $45.00+

Advanced Short Haircut

If your hair is shorter than chin length, but requires detailed work, beyond the clippers, this cut is for you.

$45.00 - $55.00+

Long Length Haircut

For hair cuts that involve more detail work. For those with very thick or curly, this is also your go-to cut!

$80.00 - $100.00+


Regrowth Touch-Up
(6-8 Weeks or less) 

Need to touch up your single colour regrowth or cover up those new greys coming in? Recommended every 6/8 weeks for maintenance.

$50.00 - $70.00+


Need some shine? Maybe remove brass? or re-ash your hair! This hour long service is for you!.

$25.00 - $45.00+

Gray Camouflage

Looking for a colour service that will minimize the percentage of your grey hair? Maybe a colour service that will help blend your grey instead of completely cover them? This low-maintenance service is designed for you!

$60.00 - $80.00+

Full Colour 

Looking to colour match your previous colour at your natural regrowth and also refresh your hair's mid-shaft to ends? Are you embracing a rooty look to your existing highlights, but want your ends to be retoned? Are you looking for complete grey coverage from root to end? That means you're looking for a full colour!

Also, this service does not include lightening or adding dimension to the hair

$80.00 - $100.00+

Advanced Haircolouring

Transformation Colour Service

Advanced colour work, extreme changes, and multi-stage processes within one visit will incur à la carte pricing. Don’t worry, your hairstylist will clearly define your goals and costs before you get started. We start with a complimentary consultation. Just give us a call. (For example, if you want to go blonde from black hair)

*Requires a consultation before booking. Hourly rates may apply

Colour Correction

A colour correction is when we need to correct the undesirable results of a previous hair colouring, done either at home or at a different hair salon.

*Requires a consultation before booking. Hourly rates may apply

Foiling & Balayage

Surface Foiling

If you want to introduce highlights to your hair, looking to spruce up your colour with under 20 foils, or maybe you just want pieces of a fantasy colour streaming through your hair! Surface highlights are the perfect thing!

$80.00 - $120.00+

*Add a toner for $15 

Partial Head of Foils

For the non-committal type, a lot less Balayage, Foils, Teasylights, Foiliage, Babylights or Lowlights, than a full head.

$120.00 - $160.00+

*Add a toner for $15 

Full Head of Foils

So you love highlights and they're gorgeous, so why wouldn't you! This service is taking your highlight experience to the max! If you want to alter your colour with limited amount of base colour left, this is you're service!

$160.00 - $200.00+

*Add a toner for $15 


Are you looking to get pampered?! Going out and need a style? Book this service with one of our stylists today!


Weddings, Communions, and Special Events, Oh My! Looking for that lovely formal style for any of your big events? Well, look no further! Your Hair Lab Crew has got you covered


Whatever you're attending! If you want that gorgeous picture perfect style for any event you're attending, then book formal styling today! We look forward to having you!​

*Talk to your stylist about pricing​​

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