What is your favorite warm beverage?

Eggnog latte from second cup!


Which beauty influencers/hairstylists have inspired your career?

My three favorite stylist are; @nikitochkin-love the way he cuts, he has a lot of free educational videos, @lisalovesbalayage- love her emphasis on the chemistry and science part of colour and also her confidence that inspires me to level up , @philipforesto -I love the way he colours hair! He’s also super nice, @sonnabrado- amazing hairstylist I am so in love with the way she cuts hair, it’s so therapeutic to watch. 


What brings fire to your soul?

The freedom to create, I love being creative. Besides being a hairstylist I am an artist as well who paints. My style is a mixture of abstract and gestural art. Another thing that brings fire to my soul is helping people, I love lifting people up and speaking life into them. I use to be a mental health worker for about 6.5 years ! It’s just in my nature to create and help.  I know what it feels like to go through tough periods in life where hope is lost, so I always hope to inspire others that it can and will get better.


Do you have a favourite vacation spot?

New York, I love New York so much. But I also love Costa Rica so I’d love to go there as well!

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