What is your favorite cold beverage?

Started Keto recently! Tried the grande 2 shot espresso with whipping cream and 2 pumps of sugar free cinnamon dulce syrup! Sounds super boujee when i say it outload


Which beauty influencers/hairstylists have inspired your career?

I've recently been inspired alot of Jonathon Van Ness! I just think their amazing in the level of eneryg and willingness to be so them! I always have a love for the everyday "gender bender" because it brings me to a place of community! I feel connected to Jonathon for that. Also, every frigging draq queen contestant for their art! All of them, super influential. I'd like to believe I've got Adore Delano Vibes! :)


What brings fire to your soul?

To provide someone with an experience. I feel like I have all this theatrical energy inside of me that I showcase behind the chair. I will always want to provide great heart with a show. I am big on advocacy, love being involved in my community! I've been a teacher for just over a year, I love that I get to teach youth cosmetology and also help shape the minds of the youth of tomorrow. :)


Do you have a favourite vacation spot?

I have a friend in North England and Central California that I visited prior to our 2020 Invader, and plan to travel their again afterwards. But anywhere is a good time for me, preferably nice and hot! :)

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