Hair Colouring Services

Root Touch up

Starting at $65.00+

Looking to colour match your previous colour service but at your natural regrowth? is your hair colour more solid  shade or maybe you are embracing a rooty look to your existing highlights? Are you looking for complete grey coverage? 

That means you're looking for a root touch up!

Full Colour

Starting at $85.00+

Looking to colour match your prveious colour at your natural regrowth and also refresh your hair's midshaft to ends? Are you embracing a rooty look to your existing highlights but want your ends to be retoned? Are you looking for complete grey coverage from root to end? 
That means you're looking for a full colour!

Gray Camouflage

Starting at $40.00 +

Looking for a colour service that will minimize the percentage of your grey hair? Maybe a colour service that will help blend your grey instead of completely cover them? This low-maintenance service is designed for you!

Surface Highlights

Starting at $90.00+

If you want to introduce highlights to your hair, looking to spruce up your colour with under 20 foils, or maybe you just want pieces of a fantasy colour streaming through your hair! Surface highlights are the perfect thing!

Partial Highlights

Starting at 120.00+

This service is for those who are looking for a top heavy foiling. This is designed for the individual who enjoys highlights right to their root and is only looking for the top of the head to primarily be coloured!

Full Head Highlights

Starting at $180.00+

So you love highlights and they're gorgeous, so why wouldn't you! This service is taking your highlight experience to the max! If you want to alter your colour with limited amount of base colour left, this is you're service!

Partial Balayage, Glaze and Haircut

Starting at $250.00+

Painted Hair has been in trend for quite some time now! Partial Balayage can act as an introduction into painted hair, or can act as a very natural blending technique to grow out previous highlights! Whether it's soft natural blends or a piecey contrasted look this service implies that we are embracing more of our base or blending previous colour services!

Full Balayage Glaze and Haircut

Let's hang for a bit because with this service, you'll be at the Lab for about 5/8 hours! This lightening service promotes a very blended look that encompasses pretty much every strand to be saturated in colour! Get comfortable, you'll be here for a bit!

Starting at $375.00+

Colour Correction/ Custom Colour Placement

Way to many descriptions for this service! Are we getting rid of at-home colour? evening out uneven hair colour? Unwanted colouring? and many more! These we invite you in to Hair Map! So we can explain route to your desired look!

Priced upon consultation


Starting at $40.00+

Need some shine? Maybe remove brass? or re-ash your hair! This hour long service is for you!

Extra Mix of Colour

We ran out, had to mix a little extra in order to provide your essential look!

Starting at $10.00+

Hair Mapping Consultation

Come by! 
We can talk about your hair care needs and the various services available

It's on us!


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